What is so unique about Akaushi Cattle? Akaushi meat is extremely tender, juicy and considered by most beef experts to be the most palatable, healthy, beef in the world. Harwood Grill has perfected the cooking process of this spectacular beef creating the best steak in Texas, and just maybe, the world! All of our steaks are aged a minimum of thirty days, then seasoned with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and garlic; seared on our red hot cast iron comal to desired temperature then finished with whole butter...ENJOY!

14 oz Akaushi Ribeye  -  39
14 oz Akaushi Strip Loin  -  39
8 oz Akaushi Tenderloin  -  44
6 oz Akaushi Tenderloin  -  39

Akaushi Bone-In Ribeye  -  Mkt Price
Akaushi Tomahawk Chop  -  Mkt Price
Akaushi Porterhouse  -  Mkt Price
(Ounces on Mkt Priced items vary. Please ask your server)

In-House Sauces

Hollandaise  -  house offered
Béarnaise   -  house offered
Bourbon Peppercorn & Mushroom  -  8
Béarnaise & Lump Crab  -  12


Harwood Fried Chicken Cobb Salad           15
Mixed lettuces • tomato • cucumber • avocado
Nueske’s bacon • blue cheese crumbles
Choice of: house vinaigrette, honey mustard, blue cheese or ranch dressing

Prime Rib Sandwich           16
Hot-shaved Akaushi prime rib • au jus • creamy horseradish • hoagie roll

Chicken Avocado Sandwich           14
Marinated, grilled breast • tomato • avocado
Shaved red onion • sprouts • cilantro-mayo • daily-baked challah 

Penne Pomodoro           14
House marinara • fresh mozzarella • Parmesan-Reggiano

Shrimp Mac & Cheese           15
Wild-caught, blackened • aged cheddar • bacon lardons

            Steak Frites           21
\12 ozAkaushiStrip loin • hand-cut French fries



We offer all of our in-house aged Akaushi Beef by the pound /or cut to our guests. Vacuum-sealed for long trips or gifts, fresh cut for weekend gatherings; don't pass the opportunity to prepare the best beef in the world yourself.

Akaushi Ribeye  -  28 Per Pound
Akaushi Strip Loin  -  28 Per Pound
Akaushi Tenderloin  -  35 Per Pound
Akaushi Ground Beef  - 8 Per Pound
Akaushi Outside Skirt Steak  -  15 Per Pound
Akaushi Bone-In Ribeye   -  Mkt Price
Akaushi Tomahawk Chop  -  Mkt Price
Akasuhi Meatball  -  8 8 oz / Each